CFA winner’s fate hangs in balance

CHENNAI:The winner of the CFA senior division football league is yet to be announced because of an unresolved case filed by table-topper Chennai FC against CFA, regarding the three points docked off it earlier in the league for fielding defender Naveen Kumar who hadn’t procured the necessary documents to prove his eligibility to play in the league.

Jagaba Hamza Anaba netted four goals in Chennai FC's thumping win. PHOTO: M. VEDHAN

CFA docked three points off Chennai FC again on Thursday for the same offence, this time for its foreign player N.D. Opara. “We’ve sent a letter to the team management informing them of our decision. As of now, it’s been docked three points,” said Sugumaran, secretary, CFA.

He said he’s upset that the governing body will be unable to announce a winner until the court case is resolved.

“The winner will be announced only if the case against Chennai FC is cleared.

“These issues though will make the clubs wary for next season and we intend to put a strong framework in place to verify player registration from next season,” he added.

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