NASA release an image of STS-101 mission from 16 years ago

NASA has been raising the bar of space exploration and technology research since its inauguration. As one of the most recognised names in astronomy, it comes as no surprise that the US space agency has bragging rights and is proud of its past accomplishments.

NASA released an image of the iconic Atlantis take-off for the International Space Station (ISS) on May 19, 2000 — more than 16 years ago.

The STS-101 mission saw the Atlantis spacecraft with six American and one Russian cosmonaut — James D. Halsell, Jr., Scott J. Horowitz, Mary E. Weber, Jeffrey N. Williams, James S. Voss, Susan J. Helms, Yury V. Usachev — sour towards the ISS with the purpose of resupplying the Space Station and preparing the station for the Zvezda Service Module.

The purpose of the flight is to test and validate the super pressure balloon (SPB) technology with the goal of long-duration fli

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According to NASA, the space mission had the astronauts bring more than a tonne of supplies for future ISS missions.

Astronauts James Voss and Jeff Williams also completed a spacewalk before leaving.

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The mission lasted for 10 days, after which the Atlantis landed safely on May 29 at 2:20 a.m. EDT.

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