Gogoi says, Modi misleading people of Assam

Assam CM, Tarun Gogoi

Assam CM, Tarun Gogoi

Guwahati, February 11, Jasmine Ahmed: Tarun Gogoi the Chief Minister of Assam, lambasted the candidate of Bharatiya Janta party’s prime ministerial Narendra Modi, said that the Chief Minister of Gujarat is trying to mislead the people of Assam by presenting a false image.

Assam CM said that it is unfortunate a Prime Ministerial candidate is resorting to such as means to clime power. Tarun Gogoi again said that during Modi’s tenure Assam has made rapid strides in development and in the State achieved more than Gujarat achieved.

Assam CM said, “The pace of development in Assam since 2001 has been better than in Gujarat, what Modi claimed during his rally in Guwahati”. Gogoi also told that the Assam was started at 2.6% in 2001 and today its stands 13%, while Gujarat started with 8.4% and today its stands 8.52%.

In the period of NDA regime, Assam received at Rs 13,289.86 crore in the 11th Finance Commission, while under Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh the State received at Rs 57,832.7 crore in the 13th Finance Commission. Tarun Gogoi also said, “In his speech period, Modi tried to mislead the people with wrong figures on MGNREGA and with regard to other sector like Education, Health, Rural development. Index in education and health we are higher than Gujarat. “

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