1st April: A day of awesomeness

Shillong, Prangan Duarah: A uniquely titled day is celebrated every year on 1st April, by playing practical jokes and spreading hoaxes, which is popular as “April Fools’ Day” and also known as “All Fools’ Day”. The victims of these Hoaxes and pranks are called April fools or Fools of the day. People who play April fool hoaxes and pranks for their friends, family member or sometimes unknown people also, expose their plan by shouting “April fool”. It is observed throughout the world nowadays including India. But the origin of this day is still uncertain.

According to some historian, April fool day was started and popularized by English pranksters on 1st April in 1700 by playing practical jokes on each other. On the other hand, some historian believed that the trend of celebrating this day was started in 1582, when Pope Gregory XII ordered to switch from old calendar named Julian calendar to one new calendar called Gregorian calendar. That year according to the new calendar (Gregorian calendar) French adopted 1st January as their New Year day. But few people did not learn about this new adoption. On the other hand, few people refused to adopt the new date for the New Year and continued to celebrate their new year on April. Other people, who adopted this new rule, started to make fun of these slow people which included having paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as “April fish” locally called “ poisson d’avril” which symbolized a young and easily caught fish and a gullible person. Eventually, this tradition spread throughout the Europe. Even today, the children of French follow this tradition of Taping picture of fish on the back of their friend on this day.
So, don’t waste this great opportunity to have lots of fun with your known and unknown one.

To help you out with your April fool plan we find out few pranks which you can apply with your friends and family member.
1. Send a text message about a juicy secret and quickly follow that text up with “sorry, actually, it was not for you”.
2. Fill the Oreo biscuit with toothpaste and offer few pieces of biscuit to your friend and enjoy his disappointing face after the first bite.
3. Take a screenshot on your friends phone of their homepage, and then remove all of the apps from their home page and set the screenshot as the background.
4. Pick your friend who is serious about the study and leave him a text massage like “extra class at 8 am”.
5. Switch out your friends beauty products, for example, switch out their body lotion with tanning lotion or glitter cream.
Enjoy this awesome tradition but be careful that your pranks should not harm other and shouldn’t have serious consequences.

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