Varanasi: Part of 500-year-old Ratneshwar mahadev temple collapses due to lightning

VARANASI: A part of ancient Rataneshvar Mahadev temple, situated on the banks of river Ganga in Varanasi, was damaged due to heavy lightning on Saturday night.

Stones weighing nearly 50 kg from the peak fell on the ground after lightning struck, damaging part of the 500-year-old temple.
Fortunately, no person has been injured in the incident. The people who were around the temple, escaped as they ran when the incident took place.

According to media reports, the temple stays submerged at least for six months. During the floods, the water reaches its top most part.
The temple leans on the right side, giving the appearance of sinking slowly. It has been in the same position for hundreds of year.

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