Now, a wearable technology for safety that women will absolutely love

In India, sexual assault takes place every 22.5 minutes. There are increasing reports of urban women getting raped or being abducted.
Amidst this situation, here comes a delightful new wearable technology for safety created by five young men that women will absolutely fall in love with, reports CNN Money.
Paras Batra, Manik Mehta with three other of their friends started the Leaf Wearables, smart jewellery startup in 2015. The company makes specially designed pendant, bracelet and key chain which has a small circular device called SAFER.


The user of the pendant just has to double click the SAFER device that is attached to the jewellery whenever she senses a threatening situation. The app will send an alert to the wearer’s network. “They can be family and friends who will get the alert through the app or as an SMS on their phone,” said Mehta.
Tha app has a GPS function through which you can enter your location and time of your current destination and your family and friends can track your movement the entire time.
The device also has a map showing hospitals and police stations closest to your current destination. The jewellery costs approximately between Rs 3,500 to Rs 5,000.
Menta says that the company has sold 5000 pieces, a thousand of which was sold to customers in Turkey.
He says the company wants to reach one million families by the end of 2017. The trigger behind the ideation for Leaf Wearables was the 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape case. The company’s cofounder Paras Batra was specially hurt by the incident as he lived in the same neighbourhood.
But as nothing changed for women’s safety even after a year after the incident, Batra, Mehta and their friends got together to bring out SAFER in 2014.
The five founders including Batra and Mehta are from the country’s eminent colleges such as Delhi College of Engineering and the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi.

The company has raised $3,00,000 through investors, prize money and family and friends and has twelve employees

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