Colombiana catches the eye

Colombiana and Cataleya caught the eye when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday.

Inner sand


600m: Sail Past (A.Gaikwad) 38. Moved freely.

800m: Lucky Strike (T.S.Jodha) 55.5, 600/40.5. Easy. Multiglory (S.Nayak), Marvel (V.Jodha) 52, 600/39. They moved level freely. Baryshnikhov (Ajinkya), Orla (V.Jodha) 52, 600/38. They moved neck and neck freely. Final Encounter (S.Nayak), Visionist (Sameer) 51, 600/37. Former moved well and they finished level.

1,000m: Joss (Dashrath), Sudarshan Chakra (T.S.Jodha) 1-7, 800/53.5, 600/40.5. Former ended three lengths in front. Cataleya (Jethu), Another Conquest (Ayyar) 1-4, 800/50, 600/37. Former easily finished two lengths ahead. Time Of My Life (Pradeep) 1-5.5, 600/39. Slightly urged. Minerva (J.Chinoy) 1-5, 800/51, 600/38.5. Urged. Merabella (F.Irani) 1-4, 600/38.5. Moved well.

1,200m: Colombiana (Jethu) 1-18.5, 1,000/1-4.5, 800/51.5, 600/38.5. Moved attractively. Terrific (Ayyar) 1-24, 600/42. Moved freely. Jigsaw (N.Rawal), Kiss The Star (Ayyar) 1-21, 1,000/1-5.5, 800/52.5, 600/39. Former superior.

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