Algerian Hacker Arrested in Thailand who Hacked 217 Banks and donates it all to Palestine

Bugbear FBI cyber stalking for a long three years, the famous Algerian hacker Bendelladj Hamza, 27, one of those who gave the most trouble to the US sleuths, was sentenced to the death penalty by a US court.

Caught in the cracks in Thailand in 2013, after a manhunt led by Interpol, cyber-activist who joined the exclusive club of the ten most wanted in the world was extradited to the United States where the ultimate punishment just fell on him like a cleaver.

Among his feats of arms, the young hacker, compared to a more vigilante hacking at a high-flying crook, had managed to enter the den e 217 banks by hacking mailboxes to steal it the tune of $ 4 billion. A juicy booty which he has shared several non-governmental organizations in Africa, but also Palestinian NGO to whom he has donated more than $ 280 million.

Far from stopping there way, Hamza Bendelladj also hooked to his belt 8000 French sites, but also sites of foreign ministries of European countries, coming to the end of their security system to grant visas to several Algerian youth.

Outside the law as a new Robin digital Bois, the flash career and yet breathtaking, his most significant achievement undoubtedly remains the takeover of the Israeli government site, enabling it to provide the Palestinian resistance information and valuable reports.Following the cyber attack that has certainly distraught, but even more estomaquées Israeli authorities offered their Web assailant help them make their inviolable computer system, in return for their intervention with Washington to drop the charges against him.

The refusal Bendelladj Hamza was immediate, categorical and irrevocable. Past, therefore, to the Americans, fears that the young Algerian, born in modest circumstances in Kouba, a popular area on the heights of Algiers, has signed his death warrant by refusing an impossible pact with Israel have sadly confirmed today.

USA: Famed Hacker Algerian Activist Hamza Bendelladj Sentenced to the Death Penalty. Bendelladj graduated in computer sciences from Algeria in 2008, has allegedly hacked private accounts in 217 banks and financial companies worldwide. “With just one transaction he could earn 10 to 20 million dollars, Lt Gen Phanu said. He’s been traveling the world flying first class and living a life of luxury.

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