50 people affected with Gastroenteritis Outbreak

BILASPUR, February 7, Somitr Keshav: The outbreak of Gastroenteritis at Kainchi Mode in the Barmana Area left at least 50 people, including men, women and children sick.

Barmana Area bilaspur

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) ML Kaushal said that the actual cause of spread of this disease was yet not clear. The members of medical team had reached the affected area and advised the families to use chlorine tablets before using water for drinking and cooking purpose, to take only boiled water and ORS solution in plenty, said CMO.

Serious patients were admitted to local Barmana ACC hospital while several were rushed to Sundernagar Hospital and still others were being treated as OPD patients by the Primary Health Centre.

Kaushal said, Free of cost medicines, along with chlorine tablets had been supplied to the disease affected-area, and had been advised to observe usual precautions.

The CMO said it had been revealed that there was some community lunch in this area a couple of days ago and several of those who participated in it were taken ill.

He said there was no possibility of this disease spreading due to any other reason.

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