RSS a threat to multi-cultural India: Rahul Gandhi tells Assam

Guwahati(PTI): Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi charged the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh of wanting to wipe out multiculturalism in India as he campaigned for the party in Assam on Tuesday, a day after he attacked the BJP for its “divisive” politics.

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi was on a two-day visit in Assam. The state, which is due for assembly polls in two months, has seen a surge in BJP support ; the party had won in all the five Parliamentary constituencies in upper and northern Assam during the last Lok Sabha polls. (PTI)

The national party is focusing on the northeastern state that is due for assembly polls in two months and hopes to counter the RSS-backed BJP that has made inroads into Congress strongholds. The BJP had won in all the five parliamentary constituencies in the upper and northern Assam belt during the last Lok Sabha polls.
Stating that the RSS has the political mandate in its bid to control the country’s religious and cultural landscape from Nagpur, Gandhi alleged the RSS “cannot respect or appreciate other cultures”.
Illustrating with a bouquet presented to him from which he plucked out all the flowers save for a near-saffron gladioli, Gandhi said, “The RSS agenda is dangerous for a multicultural state like Assam where people follow different faiths. We cannot let the RSS tinker with our history and subdue local cultures.”
Gandhi was speaking at the Sivasagar Deeni Madrasa where he made a stop during his 6 km-walk from Rangghar, a medieval amphitheatre with strong Ahom symbolism, to Darbar Field.
Rannghar itself holds symbolic significance in Assam as many cultural and political events began from here. The outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom was also born in Rannghar.
The Congress vice president, who was on a two-day visit through four Assamese districts, had earlier hit out at the BJP saying its fate in the state will be a repeat of Bihar.

“The people have seen through the BJP’s design. They know it is a threat to the culture of tolerance and brotherhood in Assam,” Gandhi stated on Monday.

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