Manmohan’s daughter archiving his career

NEW DELHI: As India looks at yet another Budget session and grapples with its engagement with global economy, it could perhaps be an exercise in more than just nostalgia to see what the architect of India’s economic reforms, former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, thought of these questions as a young student at Cambridge.

His essay, International Investment and Economic Development that won him Adam Smith prize and was published in The Economic Journal will be one among the trove of papers and archival materials his daughter, Daman Singh, has been collecting and curating for the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library.

“The NMML has been working on this project since November 2014 and the staff is highly professional as well as dedicated. If all goes well, the archive will be ready for viewing later this year,” Ms. Daman Singh told The Hindu.

She said the archives would consist of academic papers, lectures, speeches, interviews and press conferences relating to the period 1957-2014.

Photos, videos
It includes select photographs and video recordings.

The essay Mr. Singh wrote as a student at Cambridge University is the earliest piece in the archives. NMML officials said nearly 36 DVDs of digitised archives are in the collection.

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