Did Varun Dhawan turn down Rohit Shetty’s ‘Ram Lakhan’?

Rohit Shetty had announced that he’s planning the remake of Ram Lakhan. While the announcement was made over a year ago, his project has now hit a roadblock. Why? Whoever Rohit has approached has turned him down. After the dismal run of Dilwale at the box office, Rohit approached Varun to play Lakhan that is Anil Kapoor’s character from the original. But we now hear that Varun has opted out.

It seems Varun didn’t like the idea of working in the film and he isn’t ready to play Lakhan. Insiders from the industry tell us that the situation is rather different. Varun is very unhappy at the way he was portrayed just as a mere sidekick in Dilwale and has hence maintained distance from Shetty.
Previously, Ranveer Singh too was approached for the role but he had also turned down the film. What’s happening to Rohit? Once a director who was on everyone’s wishlist, the newcomers are rejecting his films now. As of now, Rohit has moved on and is now planning to start his next instalment for either Golmaal or Singham with Ajay Devgn instead.

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