Yash Raj Films launches the first theatrical trailer for Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan

After the first two teasers have brought in huge appreciation, it’s about time that Yash Raj Films launches the first theatrical trailer for Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan. And like we had already told you, Fan will have SRK in double roles- that of superstar Aryan Khanna and his fan Gaurav. While as a superstar, Aryan will mouth the same dialogues that Shah Rukh did in his previous films, Gaurav will wear the same clothes.

A source tells us “The team of Fan has researched Shah Rukh’s films over the years. And the costume department has created identical clothes for Gaurav’s character.” He adds, “Gaurav is a lookalike of the superstar and hence is famous in his locality. His character will be seen wearing clothes that SRK wore in his earlier films.” And it won’t just refer to the films he’s usually famous for. “People love him as Raj and Rahul but Fan doesn’t just revolve around the superstardom of these characters. Instead, Maneesh has made sure he gives equal focus on his lesser remembered films too.”
There’s also a huge hint of the same in the second teaser which we missed. Our khabroo points out, “If you notice the checked shirt that Gaurav wears in the promo. That was the same shirt that SRK wore in Trimurti. Similarly, there will be more such references to his other films as well.”
Aryan Khanna’s character has been kept under wraps and will only be revealed in the trailer that is scheduled for an early February release

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