Pathankot terror attack: Martyred Lt Col Niranjan did not break any protocol, says military report

NEW DELHI: NSG’s martyred Lt Col Niranjan Kumar did not breach protocol by not wearing a bomb disposal suit, as per a military report, says NDTV.

A controversy had erupted over NSG’s Lt Col Niranjan Kumar’s death when a leading daily had claimed that he broke protocol by not wearing the suit, thereby risking lives of other personnel. It also said that he did not deserve to be treated as a martyr.

The military has now reconstructed the details of the attack and according to them, owing to the uneven terrain at the base which is covered by elephant grass, Kumar could not wear the suit. “The bomb suit weighs about 60 kg, the terrain was undulating and covered by elephant grass, it was not possible to wear the suit, Lieutenant Colonel Niranjan didn’t violate any procedure. He was an expert,” a senior official told NDTV.

As per the military’s report which was given to the Centre, the militants came in two groups. The first group of two terrorists who came on January 1 were able to breach the base without being detected. The second group of four terrorists climbed the 10-foot high wall lined with barbed wire. They were detected by the thermal surveillance of the aircraft on January 3, a day after they broke into the base. The report says that the thermal devices confirm they operated in two groups in the entire operation.

The group of two was supposed to be a guide for the rest. They were supposed to lead the others to the technical area where fighter jets and helicopters were parked. They did not have machine guns, but had Improvised Explosive Devices or IEDs, highly flammable incendiary gels, and ammonium nitrate to blow up military assets.

However, the second group could not move to the technical area and blew up motorcycles and parked cars in the residential area instead.

The group of two terrorists took shelter in the ground floor. There were at least five officers on the first floor who had to be rescued by NSG commandos before the forces could neutralise the terrorists.

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