India v/s Australia 5th ODI Match Commentary: Rishi Dhawan foxes Bailey, Aussies 3 down

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the India v/s Australia 5th ODI. The match takes place at Sydney.

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India have won the toss and chosen to bowl first.

India have lost all four ODIs, three after batting first and one after chasing. In the last game, India were 275/1 chasing 348 before being all out for 323. What looked like a certain victory with centuries from Dhawan and Kohli turned out to be yet another loss.

Captain MS Dhoni, who was out for 0, took personal responsibility for the defeat. Nevertheless, India will try their best to salvage some pride today. But they also must win in order to retain the No 2 ODI ranking.

Manish Pandey and Jasprit Bumrah come in for Ajinkya Rahane and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.


For Australia, Marsh is in for Maxwell, while Boland comes in for Kane Richardson.

10:21 AM
Over 20

Ishant Sharma.

No ball by Sharma, free hit called by the umpire. Warner on 49.

Well bowled. Yorker just outside off, lands perfectly, and Warner can just dig it out to mid off.

Good length on the hips, Warner tucks away the ball to long leg and it’s consecutive fifties for him.

Good stop at midwicket to end the over. Australia 109/3.

10:14 AM
Over 19

Great fielding by Rahane on the boundary, dives hard to stop the boundary and then dives again as the ball slips out of his hand and trickles towards the fence.

SIX. Width outside off and nice pace, Warner carts Dhawan for six over deep cover. Fantastic shot.

Width outside off again, Warner cuts the ball in the air wide of point for one.

Wide called. Dhawan seems to be bowling wider and wider.

12 off the over, Australia 105/3.

10:05 AM
Over 17

Ishant Sharma once again puts in a poor throw from the deep. Deano is livid.

Pulled beautifully into the deep for one. Australia 90/1 after 17.

09:55 AM
Over 15

FOUR. Pitched up and Warner lifts Dhawan cleanly over mid off for four.

OUT! Slower ball from Dhawan, holds up on the wicket, and Bailey loops an easy catch to Ishant at mid on.

Australia 78/3.

Drinks have been taken.

09:48 AM
Over 14

Huge incoming ball from Bumrah, keeps coming back in the air, Bailey plays over it and misses.

Bouncer from Bumrah, Bailey tries to hook, the ball passes head high as he misses.

Two off the last ball, Australia 73/2 after 14 overs.

09:45 AM
Over 13

Rishi Dhawan bowls a slower ball, but down the leg side for a wide.

Four off four balls so far.

Bailey isn’t timing the ball perfectly either.

Australia 69/2 after 13 overs.

09:41 AM
Over 12

One off four balls off the over so far.

OUT! Short outside off, but it was quite high and too close to pull. Smith tried it nevertheless and hit it straight to short mid on.

Australia 64/2.

09:31 AM
Over 10

Short and sits up outside off, smacked through the on side for three by Smith.

FOUR. Short on middle and Warner pulls it away hard through square leg. Didn’t get the timing right but still a boundary.

Australia 61/1 after 10 overs.

09:26 AM
Over 9

FOUR. Not a bad ball by Umesh, but Smith has driven it straight down the ground for four.

Nor was the timing perfect. The bats these days.

Now flicked to long leg for one.

FOUR. Excessively full on middle and leg, Smith sees it early and clips the lofted flick over midwicket for four.

Australia 53/1 after 9 overs.

09:21 AM
Over 8

Jasprit Bumrah for the first time in his career.

Fullish length, picked away to the on side for one.

Outside off this time, ball bounces well off a length and Steve Smith’s cut shot finds thin air.

Bumrah has this slig-like stiff bowling off.

3 off the over, as Bumrah beats Smith’s bat again. Australia 42/0.

09:19 AM
Over 7

After bowling four good deliveries, Ishant bowls short and wide and Smith takes full toll of it, through point for four.

Australia 39/1 after 7

09:10 AM
Over 5

Driven hard through the off side and Smith gets three.

Australia 30/1 after 5 overs.

09:07 AM
Over 4

Another ball well outside off from Umesh and driven through covers by Warner. Three runs.

Big inside edge from Smith, almost onto the stumps. Dean Jones says ‘lucks of fortune’.

FOUR. Cracked through square leg for four, very bottom hand shot.

Australia 23/1 after 4 overs.

09:00 AM
Over 3

Ishant has an average of 21 in Australia.

Two off the over, Australia 14/1.

08:57 AM
Over 2

Umesh Yadav to open with Ishant.

FOUR. Short and width outside off, Warner creams it through covers for four.

Australia 12/1 after 2 overs.

08:52 AM
Over 1

FOUR. Warner goes downtown, straight ball from Sharma gets hammered down the ground for four, one bounce.

OUT! Finch is gone. Ishant Sharma has struck in a very Ishant fashion. Ball pitches on good length, keeps coming back in with the angle, Finch leaves and the ball crashes into the pad in front of off stump. LBW.

Australia 6/1 after 1 over.

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