Dakota Johnson ‘went into emotional void’ after promoting ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Actress Dakota Johnson says she changed a lot as a person during the making and promoting of Fifty Shades of Grey and became blank post it.

Dakota Johnson

The 26-year-old actress, who portrayed Anastasia Steele in the first installment of the film, feels like she has been “five different people” since it release, reported Female First.

“It feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like I’ve been five different people since then. What did I do afterwards? I was working – I kept going. The night I hosted Saturday Night Live was the end of promoting the movie and then…I think I blacked it out. I went into an emotional void,” Dakota said.

Daughter of two Hollywood stars Melanie Griffith and actor Don Johnson, the actress says she has always enjoyed being on a film set.

“My childhood I spent outdoors riding horses. It’s the most comfortable place for me. I grew up travelling. I grew up on sets. I grew up going to new places. And I like it all,” she said.

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