Mumbai man sentenced to death by firing squad in Dubai for killing wife

Dubai: A Mumbai man has been sentenced to death by firing squad in Dubai for killing his wife, reports an English news daily.

Atif Popere
Atif Popere and an accomplice were convicted by a local court for killing Popere’s wife Bushra in 2013. As per Dubai law, the only way Atif can escape death is if a mercy plea is made by the victim’s family. This will commute the death sentence to life imprisonment.
Uma Dhananjayan, Bushra’s mother says that will not happen. “I have not received any communication so far but if and when I do, I want to reject any mercy for him,” she said speaking to the news daily.

Popere met Mini Dhananjayan when she was studying at a college in Matunga. The two fell in love and were married in 2008. She identified herself as Bushra after her marriage, and the couple had a daughter in 2009.
Popere first took up work in Dubai as a shop manager, and Bushra joined him after the birth of their daughter. Three years later, she was sent to Raigad district to live with Popere’s parents.
In 2013, Popere’s parents called Nigil, Bushra’s brother, who lived near Dubai, asking after her whereabouts. “On receiving the phone call, my son travelled to Dubai. The next day, March 13, he was told by police that Bushra’s body had been found dumped in the Al Fuqaa area. The post mortem report showed that she had been strangled,” said Bushra’s mother Uma.
She says she has no idea what drove Popere to kill her daughter. “My daughter never told me if there were any disputes in her marriage. But I knew she was facing abuse from her in-laws,” she said. “After my daughter’s death, I have only lived to watch him get punished for what he did,” she added.

Uma lived in Dombivali earlier but shifted to Kerala after the couple moved to Dubai.
The Dubai investigators have highlighted the fact that the couple fought frequently.
Popere had fled to India with help from his accomplice after Bushra’s death, and was registered as ‘missing’. Eventually he travelled back to UAE and surrendered in June 2013. Both Popere and his accomplice pled not guilty before the Dubai court in September 2013. In October, the Court of Appeal rejected their appeal to commute the death sentence to life. Their appeal before the Dubai Court of Cassation was also rejected.
Atif Popere’s relatives seem to be oblivious of the issue. They heard about the incident through the media. The family’s financial condition is not such that they can go to Dubai. They have also not approached any authorities so far to stop the execution.
Bushra’s family on the other hand, is fighting for the 6-year-old daughter’s custody. The case is pending before the Bombay High Court.
“We appreciate the Supreme Court in Dubai for having done justice by confirming the death sentence of the accused person in the face of overwhelming evidence against him. I now hope the courts in India would do justice and honour the victim’s memory by giving her daughter’s custody to her mother,” said Abraham Mathai, former vice-chairman of the Minorities Commission.

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