Leopard caught in snare, dies

 male leopard died of suffocation

DHARAMSHALA, February 6, Somitr Keshav: Fully grown four-year old male leopard died of suffocation after he was trapped in a snare made of clutch wire laid by poachers in Dhaliara area of Kangra district.

Dehra divisional forest officer JC Katoch said that the trap was set up along the fence of a farm, was supposedly intended to ensnare wild bores and that when the leopard tried to free himself from the snare, the grip around its stomach and hind limbs tightened, resulting in a complete halting of blood flow and suffocation.

Katoch said a team of forest officials from Dehra was rushed to the spot. The wildlife team tried to tranquilize the wild cat by giving him a sedative in his hind legs, but they failed. He said the team then shot another dart at his forelimbs, which worked. The leopard died soon after it was shifted into the cage for carrying him to Gopalpur zoo for treatment, said Katoch.

On the first look, the animal died of suffocation. However, the exact cause of the death would be known after getting the post mortem report, he said, adding that following the standard procedure, the leopard remains were cremated, and an FIR was registered against unknown persons.

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