Anna Hazare vows to root out political parties

Bhubaneswar, April 2, PTI: Social activist Anna Hazare here on Tuesday said he would launch a “second freedom struggle” to root out party-based politics in the country.

Anna Hazare vows to root out political parties


“My target is to eliminate party-based politics in the next 15 years. There is no mention of political parties in the Constitution. It clearly states that people form the government. Therefore, people should form the government and not parties as it is now,” Anna told the media after addressing a farmers’ meeting, organized by Navnirman Krushak Sangathan (NKS).

Elaborating his ‘ambitious’ vision, Anna said he would constitute an organization under his leadership and form committees, comprising people of honesty and integrity from across the country and empower them to choose “clean” candidates from their areas.

“The committees would consult locals and choose representatives, who would be allowed to contest elections as independents. If bulk of such candidates are elected to Parliament, this would automatically bring the curtains down on parties,” Anna said.

“Our organization will support independent candidates with a clean image,” he added.

He, however, could not explain as to how this would help to form policies and run a government. “We will think over it subsequently. But it is not impossible. There is need for a revolution to change the system,” Anna said.

Anna said in the next five years he will tour all states and sensitize people about the necessity to change the system.

“Almost all parties have their share of criminal leaders. It’s high time that corrupt and criminal leaders are barred from contesting elections,” Anna said.

Claiming that he had taken ‘six wickets’ (resignation of six ministers) and got 400 officials suspended for corruption during his anti-graft campaign, Anna asked people to unitedly change the fate of the country.

He also described imprisonment for society and the country as “ornaments” for activists, not a blot on their character. “I have been jailed several times. But, I am not unhappy over this,” he said.

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