Uproar over Herald case continues in Rajya Sabha

The war over National Herald case on Friday continued with the Congress members protesting in Rajya Sabha for the fourth straight day.

On Thursday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley attacked the party saying India has not accepted the diktat ‘Queen’ is above law, a sharp but veiled dig at Sonia Gandhi.

Congress leader Pramod Tiwari on Friday said that his party will continue to raise their voice in the Parliament against political vendetta over the National Herald case saying that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had extended them the same courtesy during the UPA regime.

“We have no option but to raise our voice against political vendetta as the Parliament is a law making forum,” Tiwari said.

“I don’t know if the Prime Minister was referring to this disruption of Parliament or the disruption which his party created two years back. This disruption has been going on since three to four days, but his party disrupted the house for three to four months. So, I think if this formula applies here then this formula applies there also,” he added.

11:48 AM
‘Badla lena bandh karo’ slogans raised as uproar continues in Lok Sabha.

11:28 AM
Rajya Sabha adjourned till 12 pm after uproar over.

11:27 AM
Rajya Sabha adjourned till 11.30 after uproar over National Herald case.

11:26 AM
GST bill is listed for next week in Rajya Sabha: Union Minister MA Naqvi

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