Congress rubbishes Subramanian Swamy’s claim, “Rahul Gandhi is British”

Hitting back at Subramanian Swamy’s claims that Rahul Gandhi was a British citizen, the Indian National Congress released documents that showed Rahul Gandhi is an Indian citizen. A Congress press release claims that: “From the day he was born, Shri Rahul Gandhi has held Indian citizenship and Indian passport and has never held citizenship of any other country nor has he represented as such.”

The release also says that he never held any account in Pictet Bank, Zurich, nor has he ever been questioned or detained at Logan Airport, Boston with undeclared cash. This is a complete falsehood that Shri Swamy is in habit of falsely repeating for decades for his malicious political motives and to gain cheap publicity.

BJP’s dirty tricks department led by Subramanian Swamy is resorting to petty and mindless mud-slinging (1/2)

Subramanian Swamy had earlier said: “While UK permits dual citizenship, India emphatically does not. Article 18 prohibits an Indian citizen from accepting even foreign titles.

Certificate of Incorporation of the company is enclosed and clearly mentions Shri Gandhi as an Indian National (2/2)

Hence, Mr Rahul Gandhi has, prima facie, committed an unconstitutional act and therefore liable to be stripped of his citizenship and membership of the Lok Sabha.” (Read: Subramanian Swamy’s shocking claim)

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