Pressure building up in food segment as pulses and oil prices surge, says FICCI

New Delhi(ANI): WPI inflation rate has been in the negative zone for the twelfth consecutive month. Besides muted commodity prices, this is also reflective of persisting weak demand conditions in the economy.


At this point in time all steps should be taken for improving the demand situation in the economy and bringing pricing power back in the hands of manufacturers.

Secretary General, FICCI, A Didar Singh in a release revealed that the latest inflation numbers also report pressure building up in the food segment with prices of commodities like pulses and oil seeds edging up further.

“The Government has been watchful of the situation and has taken measures to keep the prices of essential food items in control. The checks imposed on hoarders have been an encouraging move and the Government has also lined up imports of pulses. This is expected to ease the situation”, added Dr. Singh.

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