Get your selfie made into a postage stamp soon

Have a nice selfie in your phone and don’t know what to do with it? Get it printed on a postage stamp!

Prime Minister Narendra Modi takes a selfie with Indian employees during a visit to the Airbus facility in Toulouse, France​ – File Photo

The postal stamp department will soon start ‘My Stamp’, a service where anyone could get their selfie printed on a stamp. Reports indicate that the postal department is in the process of bringing in the equipment to print these selfie stamps.

This may also help bring back the old ‘snail mail’ communication and get people to writing handwritten letters.

Indian Postal department to launch a scheme ‘My Stamp’ in which people can convert their “Selfies” into a .

Suppose you don’t have one at the ready, you can even click it at the spot.

Postal department would soon launch a scheme ‘‘ in which people can convert their “Selfies” into a postage stamp.

How it works:
To get your own personalised stamp you would have to fill and submit a form with the selfie and ₹300 at the Head Post Office. The selfie would then be scanned and converted into a ₹5 Indian postage stamp.

And if you do not have a selfie at hand the facility to get one clicked on the spot would also be made available.

What will you get in return
The ‘My Stamp’ sheet will contain 12 personalised selfie stamps which could be used as official postage and will be equal to a regular ₹5 postage stamp to send letters via the Indian Post.

Why the ‘My Stamp’ scheme is being introduced in India only recently, it is in practice in a number of countries across the world. This scheme was formally launched in India for the first time during the World Philatelic Exhibition-2011 in New Delhi.

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