Don’t hype up the wicket, says Virat Kohli

It’s the talk of pitches that fires up Virat Kohli these days. Mention the ‘P’ word, and the Indian Test captain doesn’t hold back to give you his peace of mind on the matter.

Indian captain Virat Kohli exults after Faf du Plessis’s wicket during the third day on Saturday Reuters

After his first victory as skipper on Indian soil, Kohli brushed aside reservations on the nature of the Mohali track and instead credited his bowlers for giving India a 1-0 lead in the series.

“Would it have been the right track if the game would have gone on till five days?” Kohli said. “So, why not in three days? If we lose in England, no one asks if the track was good or not. It’s always when we play badly.

“As Hashim (Amla) said, the batsmen didn’t apply themselves and I agree with him. Those who applied got runs as well. It wasn’t like teams are getting out for 50. So, there is no need to unnecessarily hype up the wicket,” he added.

Just before Kohli’s arrival for the post-match press conference, South African captain Amla had admitted that errors in decision-making and incorrect execution were the reasons for his team’s defeat, and not the pitch.

“Yes, I think that was the case,” Kohli seconded Amla’s opinion. “I can comment on our batting. We made errors rather than fear of spin. We made errors in shot selection. It will be reflected upon and corrected the next time we come out to play.”

Kohli reiterated the need for result-oriented wickets but refused to be drawn into the debate of preparing turners for the next three Tests.

“As far as the theme is concerned, I think you have to ask the curators.

Not me. Eventually we do have a certain nature of Indian wickets that we get. But to make any sort of a wicket that don’t give you results, I don’t see any logic in that. You need to have wickets that will give you results,” he said.

Despite the huge margin of victory inside three days, the Indian captain said it was by now means a comfortable victory.

“The match wasn’t as comfortable as the margin suggests. I wouldn’t say it was very close. I would say if they had wickets in hand, then it could have been interesting in the fourth innings. I am sure they want to reflect on that and so do we as a batting unit. We have not performed to our potential in this game, the bowlers have stepped up. So they should get credit for that,” Kohli said.

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