Arunachal start to talk Assam urges NCP on border row

Itanagar, February 5, Jasmine Ahmed: Nationalist on Congress Party in Arunachal Pradesh on Tuesday urges the Assam state government and dialogue on the boundary dispute in interested and involve the center to solve the problem once and for all that.

A source in NCP said that the old boundary dispute in interested had started. Because the main Bordoloi commission had drawn a simple boundary line between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Arunachal the foothill area to the advantage of Assam.

The party source said that the boundary of commission was neither represented by the NEFA people, nor their consent sought. While referring to the recent report of the Local Boundary of Commission the supreme court demanded to the Assam should be return the land had encroaches upon. The commission headed by Justice (Retd) Tarun Chaterjee in his report mention that all over 70-80% of dispute land the boundary of interest should be given back to Arunachal Pradesh. The party also demanded action against CPI (ML) leader Vivek Das and Assam forest and police officer, who have encroached upon Arunachal Pradesh territory and carried out eviction. Meanwhile the people’s party of Arunachal (PPA) had welcomed the finding of the local boundary of commission is calling that “free, fair and based on the facts”.

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