I will not return my National Award, says Kamal Haasan

Chennai: Kamal Haasan spoke out about the returning of awards by notable luminaries in the field of art and cinema in India. At an event on Tuesday, Kamal Haasan told a TV channel, “Award Wapsi is a futile exercise, intolerance must be defeated intellectually.” He also added that nothing would happen by returning these awards as one is only likely to insult the government or the people who gave you the awards with love.

Kamal Haasan

The actor said that there were many other ways in which attention could be brought to the issue at hand. He iterated that he will not return his National Award and insult the government. He has chosen to keep himself out of the anti-intolerance protest.

Many writers have returned their Sahitya Akademi Award while some of those in Indian film industry returned their National Award. Vidya Balan had stated she would not return her award as it was given to her by the people.

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