Fardeen Khan returns to Bollywood after five-year break

Fardeen Khan’s last two releases were All The Best (2009) and Dulha Mil Gaya (2010). Five years ago, he vanished from the big screen. On a voluntary break of sorts, the actor focused on family, as wife Natasha and he tried to start a family, and spent time travelling. After years of waiting and a tragic miscarriage, Fardeen and Natasha became the proud parents of a baby girl named Diani Isabella Khan in 2013. Now, Fardeen is back and all set to enter Bollywood again.


Says a source close to FK, “The last couple of years has been family time for Fardeen. He was travelling to London and back to spend time with his wife and daughter. But next year, he’s planning to start some films for his own banner and get back to acting in other productions. Fardeen has started meeting people, reading scripts and approaching production houses again. Today, he is open to the not just commercial cinema, but a mix of commercial with art house films. He is keen to experiment with roles.”

Diani is now going to be two in December, so the couple has already started planning their next baby. “They love children and find great joy in Diani. They want to have another baby. In fact, Fardeen’s career had taken a backseat this year as he was spending time with Natasha, who is undergoing IVF (in vitro fertilisation) treatment to have their second baby.”

Fardeen smiles and says, “Work is in progress. I will reveal all in due course. Cinema is going through a great phase today. I would love to do different cinema… my kind of cinema which is relevant and sensible.”

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