India v/s South Africa 4th ODI Match Commentary: Kohli and Rahane do the repair act after openers’ dismissals

Welcome to the LIVE coverage of the India v/s South Africa 4th ODI of the Freedom Series beginning at 1.30 pm IST in Chennai.

The Proteas are within touching distance of clinching an ODI series on Indian soil for the first time in the history. While the hosts have to deal with a fair share of problems, the primary being an unsettled batting line up and the dismal batting form of explosive batsman Suresh Raina. Here is the match preview.

The pitch looks dry with some cracks here and there and it is expected to assist the spinners more than the pacers. India have retained the same team which played in the last game while JP Duminy and Morne Morkel miss out from the Proteas squad due to injuries.

14:46 PM
Over 16

Imran Tahir to bowl for the first time

15.5 SIX! Virat Kohli makes full use of a rank short delivery. Rocks bank on the back foot and hoists Tahir to the mid wicket boundary, Farhaan Behardine tries his best to take a diving catch but fails to do so

India 86-2 and it’s drinks

14:41 PM
Over 15

Phangiso to continue

14.1 Two runs. Kohli goes inside out and takes a couple

India 79-2

14:38 PM
Over 14

Steyn to bowl

13.1 Four! Rahane welcomes him with a classic boundary. Short and wide, and the right hander cuts it past point to the fence

13.3 Four! This time Kohli does a Rahane. Stands up tall and dispatches a slightly back of a length delivery past cover

India 74-2

14:34 PM
Over 13

Phangiso continues

12.3 SIX! Kohli dances down the track and chips the ball over the head of the bowler but as the timing is brilliant, it carries all the way over the fence

India 62-2

14:34 PM

14:26 PM
Over 11

Aaron Phangiso will get his first chance to roll over his arm

Four runs from the over

India 47-2

14:24 PM

14:23 PM
Over 10

Last over of the powerplay.

Four fielders will be allowed outside the 30-yard after this over

Steyn comes back into the attack

Five runs from the over

India 43-2

14:19 PM
Over 9

Morris runs in

Three runs from the over

India 38-2

14:14 PM
Over 8

Kohli to face Rabada

7.2 Two runs. Kohli flashes hard at a wide delivery. It is uppish and juts evades the diving hands of the point fielder. Kohli gets a couple

7.5 OUT! Rabada gets rid of Dhawan. Short ball on the hips and the left hander tries to pull it to the fine leg area but manages minimal contact with the bat and the ball scoops up in the air. De Kock dives acrobatically to his right and gobbles up the catch. Stupendous wicket keeping.

Ajinkya Eahane comes in

India 35-2

14:08 PM
Over 7

Morris runs in

Just a single from the over

India 31-1

14:04 PM
Over 6

Rabada to continue

5.3 No run. That could have been a run out. Kohli plays a straight drive which is half stopped by Rabada with his leg and the ball goes to mid on. Both batsmen decide to take a single and then refuse. No damage done

5.5. One run. Kohli fails to connect a pull shot and the ball loops up down the leg side. De Kock dives full stretch but can’ t get to it. kohli survives and takes a single

India 30-1

13:59 PM
Over 5

Morris continues

4.4 OUT! Rohit Sharma perishes. Tries to flick a ball to the on side but finds the safe hands of Faf du Plessis at short mid-wicket

Virat Kohli the next batsman in

Three runs from the over

India 29-1

13:54 PM
Over 4

Rabada runs in


Four runs. Rohit gets on one knee and pulls a short pitched delivery to the square leg fence. Excellent batting

India 26-0

13:49 PM
Over 3

Chris Morris replaces Dale Steyn

2.4 Four runs. Rohit pulls a short delivery to the square leg boundary

2.5 Four runs. Same shot same result. This time just over the head of short square leg

India 18-0

13:44 PM
Over 2

Kagiso Rabada to share the new ball with Dale Steyn

1.2 Four runs. Rohit flicks It over mid wicket for a four

Seven runs from the over

India 9-0

13:15 PM
Over 1

Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan come to the crease

Dale Steyn to start proceedings for the Proteas

Two runs from the over

India 2-0

13:13 PM

13:08 PM

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