Appointment of Gajendra Chauhan is not a contentious issue: I&B minister

Yet another round of talks on Tuesday between the agitating students of FTII, Pune, and government proved inconclusive, with no headway to an immediate end of the four-month-old logjam in the premier institute over the appointment of Gajendra Chauhan, among other issues.


A students’ delegation met minister of state for I&B Rajvardhan Rathore in a bid to end the four-month strike at the Pune institute over a variety of issues plaguing the Pune institute.

Rathore said many complex issues came up for discussion, including how the 2008 batch has still not been able to complete its course or how the 2011 batch has been able to complete only one year of its course.

“Even if we have to hire more studios or if we have to provide them Doordarshan studios in Mumbai, the main thing is that students should pass this course, get diplomas and do something in their life,” Rathore told reporters.

Talking about the appointment of Chauhan as the FTII council chief, Rathore claimed that the issue was “not contentious”.

The minister said the FTII society was constituted after consulting all the members and the composition was acceptable to everyone. “However, later some people gave different opinions,” he added.

The students, visibly dejected after the meeting, however, said all five appointments including that of Chauhan’s was also contentious.

Vikas Urs, one of the students, said they would go back and have discussions with other students about the next course of action.

“We have discussed all appointments, including the appointment of Chauhan, and all other issues. The ministry has said they will go back and discuss and we will also go back to our campus and discuss all this,” he said.
“We still await a proactiveness from the ministry in terms of resolving the students core concerns, with an urgency that respects the staggering amount of time the students have

sacrificed their academics in order to show how urgent and critical it is for them for this issue to be resolved,” a statement from the institute said.

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