LK Advani condemns attack on ​Sudheendra Kulkarni, says incidences of intolerance rising

BJP patriarch LK Advani has condemned the attack on ex BJP ideologue ​Sudheendra Kulkarni for organising former Pakistan foreign minister Khurshid Mahmud Kasuri’s book launch in Mumbai.

LK Advani condemns attack on ​Sudheendra Kulkrani, says incidences of intolerance rising

Speaking to the media, Advani said, “I strongly condemn whosoever has done this,” adding that “of late we have seen an increase in cases of intolerance, this is against democracy.”

Earlier, on the 40th anniversary of the Emergency in June, Advani had said that conditions that could give rise to another Emergency continue to prevail in India.”

I strongly condemn whosoever has done this-LK Advani on Sudheendra Kulkarni

Off late we have seen an increase in cases of intolerance,this is against democracy-LK Advani

Alleged Shiv Sena activists on Monday morning smeared black ink on the face of Kulkarni. “Shiv Sena activists threw ink at me and smeared my face. They abused me,” Kulkarni alleged and said that his Observer and Research Foundation (ORF), a foreign policy think-tank, will hold Kasuri’s book launch as planned in Mumbai.

The Sena has termed the attack as a ‘mild’ one and warned that until the ‘message is received’ such attacks will keep on happening.

“This is not ink, but the blood of our martyrs on his face. He should feel ashamed for siding with Pakistan’s ‘chamchas’. You cannot stop people as they have paint up hatred against Pakistan in their minds,” Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut said.

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Branding Kasuri a ‘chamchaa’ (sycophant), Raut said that the Shiv Sena has nothing against him personally, but banning Pakistani artists and diplomats who came to India was the only way of sending a strong message to the hostile neighbour.

Even though Raut did not take credit for the attack on Kulkarni, he said that if the Shiv Sena is being accused for the attack then ‘so be it’.

Condemning the attack on Kulkarni, Kasuri said that he is not depressed by such events as he is aware that there are people in both the countries who do not want good relations between India and Pakistan.

“I am not depressed by things like these as I know there are people in Pakistan and India who do not want good relations between the two nations. I have been a political worker myself, I understand political protests, but it should be in a peaceful manner,” Kasuri told the media here.

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