An Indian owned for a minute mistakenly

Sanmay Ved, a former Google employee on September 29 ended up purchasing and owning through Google domains.

Sanmay Vedhmn67

Although the purchase lasted only for a minute, Ved explained the entire story of how he purchased in hisLinkedIn post.

According to his post, he was learning about the Google Domains interface and he got access to Google when he searched for domains after typing

Not only that, he was even able to complete the transaction using his credit card where he bought the domain in $12.

After the transaction, he even received two emails which is generally sent after booking domains.

Furthermore, he states in his post that his Google Search was auto updated with webmaster related messages for domain.

“Additionally, I started receiving notifications, for when ownership changed along with new ownership details in the Google search console for websites that are powered by Google sites. Quite clearly, ownership had been granted to me. Order was successful”, stated his post.

He also mentioned in his post that the domain shows currently unavailable and Google has acknowledged the incident when he reported to Google Security about it.

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