Beef and mutton similar to sister and wife: BJP leader Giriraj Singh

Patna(ANI): Union Minister and BJP leader Giriraj Singh always finds a way to headlines and most often for controversies. According to a report by The Indian Express Singh, Singh said on Thursday that the way there is a difference between a sister and a wife, similarly there is a difference between cow and goat meat.

Giriraj Singh

This statement was a reaction to Lalu’s earlier remark that there is no difference whether someone who eats mutton as opposed to a person who eats beef.

When asked about his statement, Singh told The Indian Express, “There is a difference in the sacredness between a man and his wife and man and his sister.”

During the Lok sabha elections in 2014, Singh had sparked the controversy by saying all Modi’s critics should leave India and settle in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, another RJD leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh continued the controversy by saying that even saints and gurus used to eat beef as per the Vedas, to which Giriraj responded by saying that the entire RJD camp has gone mad.

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