Nitish Kumar hits back at PM Modi for his ‘Satan’ remark on Lalu Yadav

Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar hit back at PM Narendra Modi for calling Lalu Yadav a ‘Satan’. Kumar also lashed out calling it a “brazen attempt to add communal texture” to the Assembly polls and said the “real Modi” is on display.

Nitish Kumar

CM candidate for the grand alliance and JDU’s second in command, Nitish wrote on Twitter, “He first attacks our DNA, then he calls Bihar a ‘bimaru’ state and people of Bihar ‘unfortunate’. Now he calls Lalu Yadav a ‘shaitan’ and the grand alliance ‘evil forces’.”

पहले हमारे डीएनए को गड़बड़ बताया,फिर बिहार को बीमारू और बिहार के लोगों को दुर्भाग्यशाली|अब महागठबंधन और लालूजी के लिए शैतान शब्द का प्रयोग

“This portrays his mentality, his frustration and what he thinks of the citizens of Bihar,” he adds.

यह मोदीजी की मानसिकता, हताशा और बिहार के लोगों के लिए उनकी सोच को दर्शाता है |

Minutes after Modi ended his Munger election speech in which he accused Lalu of insulting his community ‘Yaduvanshis’ and the people of the state with his ‘Hindus also eat beef’ remarks, Kumar took to Twitter slamming the PM’s “deafening silence” on the Dadri lynching incident. A 50-year-old Muslim man was killed by a mob in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh recently after rumours that he and his family had eaten beef.

Nitish wrote, “The real Modi on display-brazen attempt to add communal texture to Bihar polls, but deafening silence on deplorable incidence of Dadri…”

Hinting at what Atal Bihari Vajpayee had once told Modi, Nitish said,

The real Modi on display-brazen attempt to add communal texture to Bihar polls,but deafening silence on deplorable incidence of Dadri (1/2)

In a letter dated June 1, 2002 Vajpayee wrote to Modi asking him to adhere to his ‘raj dharma’ and work without discriminating on the basis of caste, creed or religion.

All to see why Vajpayee ji was forced to remind him to follow Raj Dharma, but wonder who will do the Vajpayee today ? (2/2)

Addressing a poll rally in Munger today, Modi latched on to RJD chief Lalu’s remarks on beef and said a “shaitan (devil) has entered a human body”.

“What all did he eat? It (the remarks) insulted the Yaduvanshis… Laluji these Yaduvanshis helped you to come to power. What all Yadavs eat…is it not an insult of Yadavs and Bihar?” he said.

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