Caste-based discrimination and untouchability have no sanction in our culture: BJP leader Ram Madhav

Nagpur: BJP general secretary Ram Madhav on Monday fielded several questions from users on Facebook that ranged from digital literacy to Indo-Pak bilateral relations to climate change. The hour-long Facebook chat was publicised as one where Madhav will speak about Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s upcoming US visit.

Caste-based discrimination and untouchability have no sanction in our culture: Ram Madhav

Making the government’s stand clear on youth participation, caste-based discrimination, and digital literacy, Madhav said that the party gives “high priority to youth participation”, and that “caste-based discrimination and untouchability have no sanction in our culture”.

On asked to elaborate on how Modi’s upcoming US visit will help scale clean energy initiatives, Madhav said that Modi has ambitious targets in the pipeline. He is going to meet the RE company leaders during his visit to SFO. India has great potential for solar and other clean energy sources. Investments into this area will be encouraged in a big way”,”he said.

When a user asked Madhav whether companies like Apple, Google and Dell will set up facilities in India after meeting Modi, Madhav said, “They and many more will be encouraged to do so.

On the issue of India’s permanent UNSC membership, he said, “India deserves a seat in UNSC. India is too important a country in the world today to be left out of that body. The world powers that control the body seem to appreciate the fact now.”

When a user asked how will the government control protests against Modi by the Patels in US, he appealed to people to welcome the PM. “We appeal to all our Indian brothers and sisters to extend a grand reception to our beloved PM Shri Modiji,” he said. A prominent journalist asked him whether investments are trickling in slowly because the Modi government’s decisions are not as bold as the preceding NDA government led by Vajpayee.

“India-US bilateral trade agreements are held up not because of any lack of interest or confidence in PM Modi’s ‘bold’ decisions. There are a couple of contentious issues that need to be sorted out between the countries. Once that happens things will speed up,” he said.

When a user asked if India’s regional ties are on the right track, given the aborted talks with Pakistan and India not warmly welcoming Nepal’s Constitution, he said, “Our neighbourhood relations are on the right track. There will be temporary difficulties but with able and talented people in the diplomatic corps and government we shall overcome them.”

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