Watch: World’s first 7-mile scale model of Solar System built in Nevada!

Do you have a clue as to how huge our Solar System is? Here’s a great attempt at showing how amazingly massive and beautiful this universe is..

Watch: World's first 7-mile scale model of Solar System built in Nevada!
LA filmmakers Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh have created the world’s first 7-mile-wide scale model of the solar system in the Black Rock desert. .

Over the course of 36 hours, Overstreet, Gorosh and a couple of friends created the solar system using a conversion of 1 AU (astronomical unit — or the approximate mean distance from the center of the sun to the center of the Earth) to 579 feet (or 176 meters).

From there, the team placed the planets at their relative distance from the sun, and traced each planet’s orbit around the sun in a dry lakebed using their cars. They hooked the planets up to lights, and at night they went to the top of a nearby mountain to capture video of the lit planets as they completed their orbits.

The result is a 7-minute-long time-lapse video, “To Scale: The Solar System,” that shows each of the orbits in motion, to scale, for what the film-makers claim is the first time in the real world.

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